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  • Address (Atelier): 4-24-3-301, Akatsutsumi, Setagaya-Ku,Tokyo 156-0044 Japan
  • Tel: +81-3-6265-7788
  • Fax: +81-3-6379-1425
  • E-mail: info@psling.net
  • Person in charge: Yasukazu KONNO


konno yasukazu in louvre

The idea of Psny baby sling (commonly called “P-sling”) was born when Yasukazu Konno, the company’s founder(left photo), saw mothers who were holding their babies with one-sheet fabric while he was visiting hospitals in Central Asia and South America as a consultant for a medical equipment firm in the early 90s. He was impressed by the idea of “baby wearing,” and the fabrics that make a mother and baby become “as one.” Those experiences led him to do some research on various baby carriers on the market at that time, including American baby holders (Baby sling) and a European Style holder, but he wasn’t be satisfied with any of them


4-24-3-301, Akatsutsumi, Setagaya-Ku,Tokyo 156-0044 Japan