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Name of Part

Name of parts

How to preparate

Although the p-sling comes folded in pleats and threaded through the rings, you can not use it as is.

First, remove the tail end of the cloth from the rings.

Then, in order to prepare p-sling, follow steps below.

It is important that you do not leave the cloth folded, because the friction between the folds prevents proper adjustment.


preparation for sling, step 1

Place the p-sling down with the logo tag facing upwards, and spread the tail toward the direction that the laundry tag (attached inside) can be seen.

Step 2

preparation for sling, step 2

After spreading the tail, hold both ends.

Step 3

preparation for sling, step 3

Slowly bunch(pleat) the tail cloth toward the center with both hands.


preparation for sling, step 4

Move the gathered tail toward the rings.

Step 5

preparation for sling, step 5

As a result of 4

Step 6

preparation for sling, step 6

Thread the cloth through both rings, (holding the p-sling with the logo tag facing upwards).


preparation for sling, step 7

Pull the cloth back between the rings (as you would to adjust a belt).

Step 8

preparation for sling, step 8

As a result of Step 7

Step 9

preparation for sling, step 9

Now you have completed threading. Make sure the tail’s ends are the same length.

A tip to have easier adjustment

After you thread the p-sling, there is one more step. If the fabric is twisted or bunched in the rings, you cannot pull the tail easily for adjusting.Loosen the tail thread through the rings slightly. Hold the left seam and right seam with each hand, and then spread the fabric equally in the rings. Please make sure that the fabric edges are at both ends.

Complete by pulling the tail back through the rings.

adjust 1

Easier adjustment step 1

adjust 2

Easier adjustment step 2

adjust 3

Easier adjustment step 3

adjust 4

Easier adjustment step 4

adjust 5

Easier adjustment step 5

Placing the p-sling over your shoulder

Let us suppose that you put the p-sling on your left shoulder.
(*If you want to put it on your right shoulder, please follow instructions in the opposite position.)

Raise your right hand above your head, and move your head through the loop of p-sling so that you wear it diagonally like a sash.
Make sure that tail cloth is hung on the front.

adjust 3

Fitting to shoulder step 1

adjust 4

Fitting to shoulder step 2

adjust 5

Fitting to shoulder step 3



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