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Leigh Anne O’Connor, IBCLC

psling new york window collectionI love P-slings. They are the most comfortable I have used and I have tried many! Not only are they comfortable they are beautiful. I am constantly complimented on my P-sling, whether I am walking down the street, teaching a breastfeeding class or seeing clients.
Leigh Anne O’Connor, IBCLC
New York

JooSook Hwang

My friend highly recommended the Psling which she has been using for her baby since her baby was 5 months old. So I decided to get one for me and my baby Mari. I realized what my friend said was definitely true. I have other types of slings but the Psling became our favorite right after we started to use it. Baby Mari always has a tough time to get to sleep but she can fall asleep easily held in the Psling. In the time it takes me to count 3, she falls asleep like three, two, one zee. The Psling is comfortable for my back, too. Using the Psling, I can hold her longer than when I use the other slings I have. We can’t spend even one day without the PslingJooSook Hwang

Hitomi Kawakatsu RN, OB/GYN Nurse, New York University Medical Center

I used the P-sling for my son who is 2 years old. I found it to be very comfortable and he seemed to feel very cozy in it. I especially like the fact that I had both hands free. This is a good feature when riding the subway or bus and during shopping.
Hitomi Kawakatsu RN
OB/GYN Nurse
New York University Medical Center

Kazumi Tierney

I love my Psling!
Since receiving my Psling as a gift at my baby shower, I have become completely attached to it. I use it practically every day. Even though there are many stairs in the NYC subway, the Psling allows me and my baby to move around the city with ease.
The lightweight Psling frees me from carrying the full weight of my son (a chubby cutie!) in my arms. Also the precise adjustability of the Psling allows for the perfect fit every time I use it, not to mention the elegance of the product itself. You can wear it as part of your clothing ensemble. The wide design around the shoulder area provides extra comfort and the soft linen adds to the charm of the product.
When my son gets into the Psling he is all smiles and giggles. My husband recently began using my Psling and he is enjoying its ease of use and experimenting with the various carrying positions. Of course he sometimes feels a little self conscious of all the attention that he invariably receives when using the Psling. I don’t mind when people look, it’s a conversation starter that has helped my meet other new moms. I am so glad I have my Psling!
Kazumi Tierney
New York

Christina & Luis


Please find a picture of my Cutie in one of your slings attached!
There is nothing to add … the sling is just wonderful!!!

Best regards from Hamburg – Germany
Christina & Luis

Erica, Gar and Ella


We love our psling so much that we thought we’d send these photos along!
I truly believe that its part of the reason that she is such a happy, easy baby – everywhere we go, people compliment us on it. Thank you!
Erica, Gar and Ella

Jeanette Rivera M.D. / NYU Medical Center / Urogynecology Division


Dear Psny,
I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new sling. My husband and I love carrying our 10 week old son in it. Sometimes we have a friendly argument over who gets to wear the baby. It’s extremely comfortable and Sebastian seems to really enjoy hanging out in it. When he’s not sleeping he loves to sit up and watch the world go by while still being close to me. It’s a wonderful alternative to trekking through the city with a stroller. Traveling through the subways is so much easier! I like to use it at home too – it makes trying to keep up with our two year old easier. We’re so glad we found your store.
All the Best,
Jeanette Rivera M.D.
NYU Medical Center
Urogynecology Division

Elizabeth Right


We love the sling!
My boyfriend’s sister is living in Italy and uses it daily. Thank you so much- We thought we would send some pictures because she just looks like a “sling user” with her baby boy, Sebastian.
Elizabeth Right

Christina Kwon, MD, Division of Urogynecology, Department of Ob/Gyn, New York University School of Medicine

I really enjoy babywearing and have used several different pouches and slings in the past. I think my P-sling is fantastic! I have not wanted to use any of my other slings since wearing the P-sling. The fabric is so beautiful and light, yet strong and durable. I don’t feel any worry that it will tear or fray, even with the load that it carries daily and the adjusting through the rings. The artisan quality of the linen is easily apparent.
Any ring-sling takes a little practice in getting used to the adjusting for perfect comfort. But the P-sling really makes it easy, as the fabric slides through the rings easily for adjusting, yet does not slip like some easily-adjustable fabrics can do.

My baby falls right asleep when he is worn in the sling. He has been all over Manhattan thanks to how comfortable he is! I am looking forward to uZsing the P-sling with different carry position as he gets older. It is rare to find something that combines utility and stylishness so gracefully. I get compliments and comments about the P-sling all the time, much more than any of the other carriers that I have used. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Christina Kwon, MD
Division of Urogynecology
Department of Ob/Gyn
New York University School of Medicine

Hebe Yarrington from Virginia

I already had some experience with slings/pouches. My littlest one is 9 months now and I wished I had found your website earlier. I kept looking for a pretty sling to go with my clothes all the time. It’s just great to wear such a good-looking fashionable sling, the fabric is awesome. I may have to buy some day another one to match some outfit or so, or it will be the perfect baby gift to someone….
Hebe Yarrington

Melissa DeFord

I practiced last night with one of my daughter’s dolls for about an hour and then this morning, we set it up properly according to her weight and we were on our way. We took a walk through town and she was in the hip carry position and it was very comfortable and she LOVED it. After using the Baby Bjorn, which I didn’t like because I couldn’t interact with her, this was a delight! She was able to “talk” to me and play and look around and all the while, I felt she was safe and comfortable. In the beginning, I was still using my left arm to “hold” her (out of habit more than anything else, I’ve been carrying her around in my left arm for months now!) but within 15 minutes or so, I felt she was secure enough to let go – I had two free hands! I am so happy with this sling, it was a wonderful investment. We used one very early on but it didn’t have a shoulder ring, so there was no way to “adjust” it and therefore it never really worked for us. But this sling is well-made and the fact that it is so beautiful is just the icing on the cake.
Anyway, thank you so much for your help. Your customer service was EXCELLENT and I am a very, very happy customer!
Melissa DeFord


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