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Function for the carrying styles

P-sling is suitable for 0-3 year-old babies (up to 39 pounds) and can be used in a variety of carrying styles, depending on the growth of a baby. Adjustable As Baby’s Backbone P-sling has a pouch like a hammock. When you hold a baby in a cradle position, you can put a baby in a curved position or you can spread the body out more. For younger babies, you can put them in a fetal position (very curvy) and as baby’s backbone grows you can adjust the position to a straighter shape (closer to what is comfortable for adults).

Adjustable Pouch

The greatest feature of P-sling is being able to adjust the size and shape of the pouch (angle and depth.) Therefore, from newborn babies whose heads are not stable to active babies who tend to bend backward, all parents feel secure that they can support their babies securely.

Like P-sling, a majority of slings have shoulder rings which allow you to tighten or loosen them by pulling excess fabric through.

However those slings have a tail like a string or a cord, so only the length of the pouch can be adjusted. You can not tighten just the inside pouch or the outer pouch when you need. This situation happens a lot with “cushion-type” baby slings. You can not tighten the slings because the cushion part can not move through the ring. That is, you cannot be closer to your baby because the cushion gets in the way.However, P-sling’s pouch can be adjustable freely and you can change the inside pouch and the outside pouch separately. When you need to make the inside pouch (on your stomach side) smaller, you can make it smaller. And if your baby bends backward, you can tighten the outside. When a baby is small and goes down to the bottom of pouch, you can pull only the middle of the fabric, and make it shallower. You can adjust up and down, right and left. Also, fine adjustment is possible too, so the sling becomes more practical and helps parents develop deep closeness with their babies. It might be just a few inches, but you can shorten the distance between you and your baby. When a baby sling fits mommy’s body, she and her baby can feel pleasantly connected. The closeness associated with using a sling allows for the development of an intimate connection between baby and parent.

Beautiful drape

Our long tail is a noticeable feature. This beautiful “drape” can accent your fashion coordination. The long tail of P-sling is not only beautiful to look at but also very convenient. But its primary purpose is to provide privacy during breastfeeding. While the numbers of mothers who breast-feed grow, most of them still bring a milk bottle when they go out. If you put the long tail on your shoulder, any location can instantly become a discreet nursing area (our wide pouch also covers your baby from the outside completely.) The tail also can provide sun protection, AC protection in the interior of a building, and wind-protection. It can also serve as a blanket. When you don’t want to have a tail dangle, you can simply wrap around the rings. Please do not pull on the tail with all your strength in order to change the size of the pouch when you hold your baby. P-sling’s rings are locked tightly by the baby’s weight. When you need to tighten, please lift your baby up a little and pull the tail.


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