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Inspired by the idea that a baby sling acts as a second womb, the structure of P-sling was developed to help parents naturally deepen the bonds with babies. To achieve this, comfort is essential for both you and your baby. Because the baby carrier or sling needs to hold a baby, ordinary baby slings tend to have a large, thick pad. However, ourshoulder pad is very thin because our sling structure is designed to distribute the baby’s weight across the shoulder, back and hip (for parents’ comfort). This makes your shoulder feel more comfortable and allows you to comfortably hold your baby for longer periods of time.

P-sling’s pouch allows a baby to move freely inside. Unlike baby carriers which let babies’ legs hang, P-sling doesn’t add unnatural strength to a hip joint depending on the weight of baby’s legs. If you hold a baby in unnatural position, a baby is naturally unwilling to be held, so you would notice and fix the position.

Holding a baby is enjoyable, but sometimes your arms need a break. P-sling allows you to have your hands free to do whatever you need to do. When you carry your baby in P-sling, you can walk around freely and not have to worry about negotiating steps, crowds, or narrow aisles with a stroller, and the this situation makes you feel comfortable. A baby held in a sling also has free hands and can share activities like walking, talking, or laughing with the parent (instead of being pushed along the sidewalk in a stroller.) This connection makes communication easier and aids in successful “attachment parenting.”


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