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Psny (P-sling New York) has been launched in the spring of 2005 by Psling & Co. with its corporative company based in Tokyo. “A baby sling should exist not only as a baby carrier but also as an accessory item.” Given this concept, PSNY presents ideal baby slings for stylish parents everywhere in the world.
The idea of Psny baby sling (commonly called “P-sling”) was born when Yasukazu Konno, the company’s founder(left photo), saw mothers who were holding their babies with one-sheet fabric while he was visiting hospitals in Central Asia and South America as a consultant for a medical equipment firm in the early 90s. He was impressed by the idea of “baby wearing,” and the fabrics that make a mother and baby become “as one.” Those experiences led him to do some research on various baby carriers on the market at that time, including American baby holders (Baby sling) and a European Style holder, but he wasn’t be satisfied with any of them

Therefore, he asked his wife, Chizuko Konno to create their original baby sling. They thought that simply making functional slings was boring, so they started to make slings that could also serve as fashion accessories parents would enjoy wearing. As a mother, she firmly believed that whatever the mood of a parent, this feeling is transmitted to the baby, so it was clearly very important for a parent to feel happy and comfortable with the sling. Ever since, they have been passionate about creating “P-sling” as key factors in enjoying the parenting experience.
Upon their launch in 2000 as an e-commerce site, their concepts immediately gained general acceptance, and Psling & Co. has been a pioneer as a baby sling brand in Japan ever since. P-sling has been very popular as a must-item among celebrities and stylish parents, and the company now has three main stores in Tokyo. P-sling is also available at many specialty stores throughout Japan.
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