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“P-sling” is manufactured with premium fabrics. Our sling will be one of the first materials the baby will ever feel. We use only natural fabrics – cotton and linen. Using linen for slings is a unique approach, but linen is the most durable fabric among all natural fabrics. Our slings made of linen weigh only 10.59oz (including rings,) but can carry up to 39 lbs (a 3-year-old). We use only top quality linen. We add unique touches to make our linen stand out from the rest. Our linen has no tension or stiffness (characteristics of linen) and when the linen is finished, it is surprisingly soft.

Japan fabric

Linen used for “AVANT” collection is carefully hand-crumpled for a gentle feeling. During processing, craftsmen don’t use chemical paste, but use a natural paste made of konjak. During the finishing touches, the fabric is carefully crumpled in hot water.

For “CATTINU”, the linen is processed by washer-finish (the typical technique to make fabric more soft – washing and heating). As you use the sling, the fabric becomes even softer and feels better against your skin. In addition, when you are moist with sweat, linen doesn’t become sticky. It also dries quickly so for babies who sweat easily, linen is the most suitable fabric. During the dyeing process, the linen is carefully hand-dyed in factories in Kyoto where they have dyed kimono fabrics for generations.

The “AVANT-gradation” fabric has shading in a lengthwise direction, which is a very unique technique.

The fabric used for “Avant-Plu” is another unusual accomplishment. Instead of ordinary printing on one side of the fabric, we left a pattern un-dyed on the fabric and created a 2-sided design pattern.

Fabrics used for the “New York” collection are also hand-dyed on hand-wrinkled linen. The method is called Yuzen dyeing, established about 300 years ago and famous for its luxuriously dynamic and beautiful finish, similar to a fine-arts painting. Our craftsmen use one panel for each color including white to complete the whole print. It is a time-consuming process to use so many colors.

P-sling is manufactured with premium fabrics because we know our sling will be one of the first materials a baby will ever feel. We use only natural fabrics – cotton and linen. 
Another great feature is our “SIJIRA” collection. This cotton fabric is created exclusively for P-sling by a traditional Japanese technique called Awa Sijira-ori (a method of weaving) which is usually used for making a cotton summer kimono (yukata ). Awa Shijira-ori is created as a result of applying a different weaving tension to the warp and the weft. This technique brings out an uneven appearance (known as Shibo) in the surface of the cloth. This Shibo surface with a layer of air gives the material a pleasant texture (feel) which is also light and comfortable to wear. The fabric is highly hygroscopic and breathable. Although made of cotton, it has cooling qualities similar to linen. You will be amazed that even in hot weather, the fabric breathes well and immediately dries.

Our policy is to create unique and functional fabrics for slings that make parent and baby feel comfortable. We don’t just select the fabrics on the market; we start our processes for textile manufacturing from choosing colors of yarns. We offer durable fabrics for safely carrying your precious baby. These are fine fabrics supported by traditional techniques, all made for you and your baby.


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