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A baby sling can be used not only as a baby carrier but also as an accessory item. Given this concept, Psny doesn’t compromise on design, so we offer a wide range of styles and colors. This is ideal for those who want to choose slings to match clothes as they change bags or shoes. From the color of the rings, to fabric and design, to color you can enjoy the time choosing your own sling from 200 varieties of the Psny collection. No more baggy nylon baby holders or bulky futon-like slings to interfere with your style! Since a sling covers a large area of your body we carefully consider three-dimensional materials and shades in order to get that sleek and sophisticated style.

Designed to be a fashion accessory, you will be surprised by the sling’s beautiful silhouette as well as the draping tail section when worn. From a chic style to a sporty style, you can certainly find the sling to perfectly match your style and mood. We also have a large assortment for daddies to choose from. We create designs to make you excited and happy when you go out. So put on your gorgeous P-sling and head out with your beautiful baby.

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