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faces the front in the sling

This is also for babies whose heads are already stable. Your baby sits up and faces the front in the sling. Turn your baby to the front and put your baby in the pouch in a cross-legged position. Then, put your hand between the pouch and your stomach, and grab the inside flap part of the pouch. Next, with this “grabbing hand” and also the opposite hand grabbing the outside flap part, pull up both sides at the same time in order to make sure that your baby is in the center of pouch. You can leave your baby’s hands outside of the pouch, however be careful that a baby (who is full of curiosity) does not reach out to touch potentially dangerous things. 
In addition, when you need to bend forward with this position, please try to bend with your knees instead of your waist and always support your baby with one or both hands. You can use the tail of the sling for narrowing outer flap portion of the pouch a little tighter in order to prevent your baby from leaning forward. This position allows a baby to see a 180-degree view, a wonderful position to learn about the outside world.



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