Beautiful Ring

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wearing psline at river side

Brand Icon

Beautiful relief pattern rings are our brand icon. Not only a practical function for non-slipping, it is designed as fashion clothes.

Original Design Rings

In the relief type of rings, there is three colors, Silver, Gold and Black of antibacterial stainless steel. And Ultra-light made of titanium is chic shine.

psling's small silver ring
Psling's small gold ring
Psling's small titanium ring

Special Design by Me & Ro

Me&Ro banner

Me&Ro has been at the forefront of modern jewelry design for 25 years, creating a style of jewelry that has been recognized universally, inspiring a movement of personal, handcrafted fine jewelry. Robin Renzi, designer and founder, has been passionate about jewelry since childhood, with early memories of playing with her grandmother’s rings. She has been making jewelry since high school, an art she continued to perfect while studying modern dance. Robin has performed in avant-garde theaters such as The Kitchen in New York City, and in a number of music videos including Steve Winwood’s award winning Higher Love video. Inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 2008, Robin continues to express herself through the art of making jewelry.


Me&Ro flower ring

The “flower” has designed the motif. Delicate and fine design is also a representation of New York Style.

Four Immeasureables

Me&Ro four immeasureables ring

It is designed the Tibet four pledge which have the mind to help others. All word in Sanskrit.

  • Maitri (love)

  • Karuna (mercy)

  • Mudita (joy)

  • Upeksa (calm)


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