Vertical Position

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Recliner style

For a newborn baby whose neck is not stable.

  1. If you wear the p-sling on your left shoulder, the baby’s head comes on the right hand side of you.(The opposite side of the rings)
  2. If the baby is small, you can place a thin towel or blanket below the baby’s body in the pouch or simply wrap the baby with a towel or blanket before placing the baby in the pouch.


Recliner style, step 1

Position the rings slightly below your collarbone.

Step 2

Recliner style, step 2

Hold your baby with your left arm and grab the outer layer of the pouch and makes a space with your right hand.

Step 3

Recliner style, step 3

Place your baby’s buttocks in the center of the pouch. The pouch cloth should be wide enough, so try to place his/her buttocks as centered as possible. Make sure to pull both sides of pouch up for security. Now your baby’s head rests by your left shoulder near the rings and he/she is facing front right. The legs can be stretched out or cross-legged (as your baby likes).

Step 4

Recliner style, step 4

This position supports your baby’s back and neck in the pouch but this does not mean the baby is now supported on his own. Pull the tail cloth to adjust the pouch to stabilize the baby. If your baby’s head touches the ring, you can wrap the tail cloth once or twice around the rings to provide padding.



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