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Safety Slings

Seal of Approval Winner Spring ’06 P-sling is The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval Winner Spring ’06.

Please check more about this program Safety P-sling is manufactured in conformity with the strictest safety criteria, including reinforced fabric, joint-less ring, and solid construction.

Fabric Psny uses only materials which pass strict inspection.

We have tested all of our fabrics for durability using an extremely high security standard.

We’ve achieved a durable, high-strength material that can not untie accidentally.

For delicate fabric like Sijira weaving, ordinary Sijira fabric on the market doesn’t have durability, so we work at a loom making our original reinforced Sijira. We are also particular about the spinning of cotton and manufacture fabrics based on examining length and strength of fiber for each thread.


In order to lighten the ring and get rid of unnecessary slipping, we utilize a “melting-down” method to make rings for sling use only.

When your baby’s weight is on the sling, the two rings “lock” together.

Therefore this part doesn’t move. Of course we have carefully selected fine metallic, anti-bacterial materials to eliminate any potential mold or discoloration.

For each fabric, the size and thickness of rings are altered in order to prevent a ring from becoming loose. Every ring must pass a durability test for more than 2 tons (2,000 kg.)

We also offer Titanium rings (*only for “AVANT” series.) It is hypo-allergic material and super light (it weighs only 0.48oz, while the rings weigh about 0.84oz.) Structure Each sling is sewed by one craftsman from beginning to end in Japan.

Our unique structure is lined with fine sewing touches in hidden parts. Needless to say, the fabric will not become undone, and our method of sewing also assures an even distribution of the baby’s weight.

The pouch part (where a baby is held) is designed to snugly wrap the baby in fabric. Also, like hammock, the structure is designed to keeping a baby from jumping or falling out of the sling.

Carry your baby in P-sling with confidence.

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